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Down with the scum, out the scum, let them go!!!

The Mariel escape was a mass emigration of Cubans, who traveled from the Cuban port of Mariel to the United States between April 15 and October 31, 1980. After 10,000 Cubans tried to obtain asylum by taking refuge on the grounds of the Peruvian embassy, the Cuban government announced that anyone who wanted to leave the island could do so.
The Green Orbit interviewed many of the so-called Marielitos, who left the Cuban nation by the Mariel and Cubans who lived near the embassy of Peru during that time. One of them told us that after the Cubans took the embassy, it remained open and without security guards for many days. Thousands of people came in and out of the embassy premises. Those inside and outside the embassy were cordial to each other, discussing their chances for the United States conceding refugee to them. But when the embassy closed and was guarded again, those outside made a human chain and began singing the socialist international, a famous Russian song.
Those who decided to leave the island, some for political reasons and others for economic reasons, were beaten, stoned, and eggs were thrown at them. Hitting his neighbors became the cause for a big party. Nelson Falcon of Playa, Marianao suffered horrific reprisals. Dozens of Cubans entered his apartment on 11th Avenue between 86th and 90th Street and beat him mercilessly. Nelson lives in Florida today and told us that he was afraid to talk about those events, even in the United States.
Cubans also threw stones at the properties left behind by the Marielitos. The alarming point is that many of those who suppressed their Cuban compatriots also ended up leaving the island days, weeks, or months later. One hundred and twenty-five thousand Cubans left Cuba with a bitter taste in their memories for life. These horrific events ended up mentally hurting many of them, and many developed PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder. But the alarming thing is that many of those involved with the beatings—left as well to continue intimidating them in exile.
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