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What is social democracy?

One of our site’s primary purposes is to educate our readers on what socialist democracy means and how it differs from totalitarian socialism in countries like Cuba.

What is social democracy?

Social democracy is a type of political ideology that aims to establish democratic socialism, gradually, using reformist means without resorting to class struggle or violence. It supports economic and social interventions that promote social justice within the framework of a mixed capitalist and state economy and a political regime with a representative democracy to generate society’s well-being.

Some of its key features are:

1. A democratically controlled mixed economy.

2.Education, universal health care, childcare, and social services.

3. Equal opportunities and superior quality of life, in case of unemployment, retirement, etc.

4. State agencies are governing private enterprises to defend the worker, guaranteeing labor and consumer rights.

6. Representative democracy within the framework of the rule of law.

7. Environmental protection with common-sense regulations.

8. Average/high taxes to finance government expenses.
A secular and progressive social policy

7. Promoting social justice, human, social, civil rights, and freedoms

We must always remember, for example, that the United Kingdom, despite being a Monarchy, is also a democratic social country. We Social Democrats are particularly interested in the country being run by a prime minister in conjunction with parliament, even if they have a President of Por Vida. The important thing is a mixed economy and regulations to strengthen social justice, taking care that the poor and minorities like blacks and Asians are not discriminated against and abused. In colonial democratic countries, the poor can have a car, an apartment and eat healthily, even if it does not reach them for the luxuries that are given by the rich.
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