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Cold War-Era’s relationship with Cuba, 90 miles south of Key West, is coming to an end, but the exile must be part of the negotiations.

President Trump reverted all changes and placed everything back on ice. Now the Biden administration says it will lift some of Trump’s business restrictions and travel between the U.S. and Cuba and renew diplomatic talks.
But President Biden’s initial actions will disappoint advocates longing for the more robust relationship that emerged in the Obama years. Although he promised during his campaign to aggressively reverse Trump’s Cuba policy, Biden’s plans will have to roll out more slowly than some of his advisors had hoped.
He faces stiff resistance in Congress, including one of the Senate’s most powerful Democrats. However, more than 7 in 10 Americans — 73 percent — said they favor re-establishing relations with Cuba, increasing ten percentage points from the last Pew poll in January. Additionally, 72 percent favored lifting the trade embargo between the two nations for more than half a century. In January, 66 percent backed ending the ban.
The Biden government will remove harsh Trump restrictions that most directly harmed civilian Cubans, administration officials said. First of those are the limits on Cuban Americans’ remittances to their relatives on the Island. The administration will also restore some of the wiring services, including Western Union, to transmit the money and block the previous government. The money is a lifeline for many Cubans. Biden’s team also intends to allow more travel between the two countries. Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has said he welcomes dialogue with Washington but without preconditions.
However, The Green Orbit believes that negotiations are strategic discussions intended to find acceptable solutions for the parties involved. Negotiations involve some give and take as well as some concessions by the parties participating in the dispute. It is not a secret that Cuba is currently allied to the most powerful adversary of the United States. The proper solution to the Cuban dilemma must be acceptable by Cubans in exile. The number of Cubans in exile surpasses two million, born on the Island and their children.
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