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China’s historic success inspires global poverty relief, says experts

BEIJING, April 7 (Xinhua) — China’s historic success in poverty reduction, as shown in a newly released white paper, is worth learning for other countries still troubled by poverty, foreign experts have said. China’s poverty reduction is a remarkable contribution to the global poverty relief endeavor, said Muratbek Imanaliyev, former secretary-general of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and former foreign minister of Kyrgyzstan, in an interview with Xinhua. Commenting on the white paper titled “Poverty Alleviation: China’s Experience and Contribution,” Imanaliyev said that the people-centered philosophy of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the successful implementation of China’s reforms are key to such achievements.
The document, issued Tuesday by China’s State Council Information Office, records the course of the Chinese people’s great fight in eliminating extreme poverty, introduces China’s approach, and shares its experience and actions in poverty alleviation. Kingphet Mongkhonvilay, a senior official from the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, said that China has accomplished its poverty alleviation target while fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, illustrating that the CPC wholeheartedly serves the people. He expressed hope that other countries will benefit from China’s experience and all partners worldwide could jointly pursue common development and complete eradication of absolute poverty.
Wilson Lee Flores, a columnist for the English-language daily The Philippine Star, said that a strong leadership, the solidarity among the people, and the determination to reform are among the key aspects the Philippines can learn from China’s anti-poverty efforts. Noting that the CPC and the Chinese government have succeeded in eliminating poverty, former Egyptian diplomat and Chairman of Egypt-China Friendship Association Ahmed Waly said that the country has made precise efforts over poverty alleviation. Enditem
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