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China strives for an over 6% GDP growth in 2021

Beijing, Mar 5 (Prensa Latina) China announced Friday that it will strive for an over 6% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in 2021, and will also hold priority in programs for creating jobs and increasing more technological innovation. Prime Minister Li Keqiang told at the annual plenary session of the National People’s Congress that such an expansion is in line with the country’s economic recovery after keeping the Covid-19 pandemic under control. ‘More than 6% will allow us to work more energetically promoting reform, innovation and high-quality development,’ Li stressed.
In 2020, China failed, for the first time in its history, to specify a range of GDP growth and then focus on its plans to crack down on abject poverty and move forward the construction of a modestly-prosperous society. Li, on the other hand, said that China will strengthen its proactive tax policy and keep a prudent monetary policy, as the Yuan exchange rate will remain stable, at an adaptable and balanced level. This policy will cut taxes and consumer price inflation will remain above 3%. It will create 11 million jobs in urban areas and also implement programs to prevent the relapse to abject poverty, eradicated in 2020.

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