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Finding an Angle


China strives for an over 6% GDP growth in 2021

Beijing, Mar 5 (Prensa Latina) China announced Friday that it will strive for an over 6% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in 2021, and will also hold priority in programs for creating jobs and increasing more technological innovation. Prime Minister Li Keqiang told at the annual plenary session of the

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Latin America

Why education in Cuba is a successful story?

The Cuban Government’s strong commitment to education is undeniable. The island’s economic situation makes educational triumphs even more surprising. Cuba’s achievements are not the result of miracles or coincidences. They are the result of years of effort, work, sacrifice and fulfilling crucial commitments with remarkably effective methods. In Cuba, education

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Climate Change

Is this winter’s crazy weather in Spain a taste of things to come?

From the biggest snowfall in a century and an exceptional cold snap, to unseasonable highs, this winter has gone from one extreme to another in Spain, swinging within a temperature range of 50ºC and keeping everyone in a constant state of surprise.During this past season, which for meteorological purposes started

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Human Rights

Cuba firmly sues the US for damages caused by the blockade.

Havana, Mar 3 (Prensa Latina) Cuba maintains its firm lawsuit against the United States Government for the huge economic damages caused by its blockade. It is a lawsuit filed by social and mass organizations before the Provincial People’s Court of Havana, which issued a sentence on the matter on May

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Latin America

What is social democracy?

One of our site’s primary purposes is to educate our readers on what socialist democracy means and how it differs from totalitarian socialism in countries like Cuba. What is social democracy? Social democracy is a type of political ideology that aims to establish democratic socialism, gradually, using reformist means without

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Why does China have a five-year plan?

Einar Tangen, a political & economic affairs commentator from the U.S., details why China has a five-year plan and how the extensive planning process can lead to positive results.  597 total views,  5 views today

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Mental Health

Why Zoom meetings are more exhausting than face-to-face ones

The selling point for a Buddhist community in Barcelona to attract customers interested in spending time isolated between the silent walls of their monastery may have been different were it not for the coronavirus pandemic. “Tired of so many Meet, Zoom and Teams meetings? If you need to disconnect, breathe

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