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Pope Francis calls for clean drinking water and sanitation for all

Vatican City, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) Pope Francis highlighted water as a universal symbol, source of life and health, ruling out that water is not a commodity. Speaking after the Angelus prayer on Sunday, the Pope looked ahead to the annual observance of World Water Day marked each year on 22 March and said: ¨Tomorrow is World Water Day, which invites us to reflect on the value of this wonderful and irreplaceable gift of God.¨ For us believers ‘sister’ water is not a commodity: it is a universal symbol and a source of life and health,’ he said, exclaiming ‘too many of our brothers and sisters around the world have to little access to to water, which is perhaps even polluted’. ¨It is necessary to ensure drinking water and sanitation for all, while he thanked and encouraged those, who through their different professional capacities and responsibilities, work for this very important purpose.
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