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Best Countries for Green Living

Top 5 Countries for Green Living

Healthy environments help contribute to healthy people. The concept of individual health being tied to the surrounding environment is increasingly being embraced. Data sets such as the Environmental Performance Index, developed by Yale University, evaluate the impact government policies have on environmental health affects on people and the vitality of a nation’s ecosystem.
The 2020 Best Countries for Green Living ranking draws from the results of a global perceptions-based survey, and countries are ranked based on a compilation of three country attributes: caresing about the environment, being health conscious and being innovative.

No. 5: Norway

Government policies in Norway, which include a ban on deforestation, show a commitment to the environment and conservation. People in Norway, like many on this list, enjoy a high quality of life.

No. 4: Japan

Japan moves up one position this year in the ranking of countries seen to offer green living. People in Japan can generally look forward to one of the longest lifespans in the world – particularly for women, thanks to a healthy seafood-based diet. Survey respondents rank Japan No. 1 for being a very innovative country.

No. 3: Finland

Finland moves up one position in this year’s Green Living ranking. The country has increasingly contributed to forms of renewable energy. Historically, the country’s workforce has been tied to the land, and the country finished No. 1 overall in being seen to care about the environment.

No. 2: Switzerland

People in Switzerland boast one of the highest life expectancies in the world, where both men and women’s life spans average more than 80 years. The Swiss also are viewed as possessing a high level of entrepreneurship.

No. 1: Sweden

Sweden again finishes as the No. 1 country for green living, as it did in 2019. Government policies generally encourage a healthy way of life, including accessibility to health care. People in the country can take advantage of landscapes that invite physical activity that lead to healthy living. Overall, citizens of the Scandinavian country enjoy a high quality of life.

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