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Best Countries for Green Living

Last updated on April 12, 2021

Top 3 Countries for Green Living

Healthy environments help contribute to healthy people. The concept of individual health being tied to the surrounding environment is increasingly being embraced. Data sets such as the Environmental Performance Index, developed by Yale University, evaluate the impact government policies have on environmental health affects on people and the vitality of a nation’s ecosystem.
The 2020 Best Countries for Green Living ranking draws from the results of a global perceptions-based survey, and countries are ranked based on a compilation of three country attributes: caresing about the environment, being health conscious and being innovative.


#1 in Green Living Rankings
No Change in Rank from 2019
The Kingdom of Sweden, flanked by Norway to the west and the Baltic Sea to the east, expands across much of the Scandinavian Peninsula and is one of the largest countries in the European Union by land mass. Capital city Stockholm was claimed in the 16th century, and border disputes through the Middle Ages established the modern-day nation.

GDP $551.0 billion Population 10.2 million GDP PER CAPITA, PPP $53,652


#2 in Green Living Rankings
No Change in Rank from 2019
Switzerland, officially called the Swiss Federation, is a small country in Central Europe made up of 16,000 square miles of glacier-carved Alps, lakes and valleys. It’s one of the world’s wealthiest countries, and has been well-known for centuries for its neutrality.

GDP $705.5 billion Population 8.5 million GDP PER CAPITA, PPP $65,010


#3 in Green Living Rankings
#4 out of 80 in 2019
Geography defines the history and culture of Nordic Finland, one of the most northern-reaching countries in the world. Bordered by Scandinavia, Russia, the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia, Finland and its vast stretches of heavily forested open land acts as a northern gate between West and East.

GDP $274.0 billion Population 5.5 million GDP PER CAPITA, PPP $46,596
It is more important than ever to adopt a green lifestyle. These small changes can help reduce the pollution that threatens our health and our environment, while also protecting our natural resources. It is essential to practice green living because if we don’t, our lives would be in danger when there is no clean air, food, drinking water, or even get exposed to harsh climate changes and temperatures that can lead to global warming and life-threatening illnesses.
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