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Young people need modern teachers, pray.

The realization of school projects has always been an interactive learning space that allows students to develop different skills.
In this time of pandemic in which we operate with limitations and have very little social contact, it has been important for young people to carry out national and international school projects that have allowed them to lead a slightly more psychosocially acceptable life.
The objective of my article is to recommend to those teachers who do not yet carry out projects for lack of conviction or for fear of the new, to carry out the realization of school projects during the fulfillment of their teaching program, whatever their subject, I can even stress that generally the subject to be discussed is interdisciplinary in nature so that several subjects coincide in the same place which enriches the educational process of each participating student. The students who participate, at the end of the project, show that they have a responsible vision of the education system and propose changes aimed at improving the educational process in which they are located and recognize the need to use new technology in the educational process, demonstrating that in today’s education the Internet plays an important role for the access it offers to learning opportunities.
Thanks to the constant evaluation during the realization of our eTwinning project, entitled “Virtual Traveler”, we have not only facilitated the contact with their colleagues from other countries, but also an exchange of ideas and collaborative work between students and teachers from the countries that participated in the project. It was the opinion expressed in the final evaluation of the project. All the material created during the almost three years of work, both by the teachers of the participating countries, Poland, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Portugal, as an exchange of good practices and the result of the tasks performed by the students, is available in the link indicated above and can be used for personal or collective use by any teachers, students and / or person in their work as a source of information.
In conclusion, taking into account the needs of our students who call for a change in the teaching methodology, I recommend that teachers who are not convinced of the new needs of the student incorporate modern teaching skills into the educational process, even if it means that some teachers have to be recycled. School projects are a good example of educational modernity.

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