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Released Stanza

Title: "Released Stanza"

  • How many verses I 've taken away from her lips!
  • read fuligned words
  • among symbols of effusive tenderness
  • and miracles of splendid roots.

  • How many light has stood from her eyes!
  • a lavish, shimmering allegory
  • a flame of absolute confession
  • on a night of remembered flash.

  • How many joy has been iddy about her waters!
  • a lush experience
  • seductive crops
  • on a pillar of acerous invested.

  • How many quiet rests in her soul!
  • barefoot flower fabrics
  • of a fragrance forged in his breath
  • in an eternal awakening of his universe.

  • How, I bow to the foliage of her pottery
  • in the silver stream of her crown
  • where it's endowed with sweet trills
  • samples on my chest a released stanza.

Author: Dr Magdiel Molina Montalvo
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