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What does Russia want for the New Year?

The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia. - Otto Von Bismarck

It is not clear to many the real intentions of Russia with Ukraine and in general unless you lived there for many years. Russia can stand alone on the strength of its natural resources and human capital. Russia does not need even economic trade with other countries to survive. However, it is a powerful country by selling oil and gas to European Countries. In this case, why are there so many territorial conflicts with Ukraine? Russia has been dreaming since Peter the Great to become an entirely accepted member of the European establishment. In the 18th century, Peter de Great brought more than a million Germans and Dutch to Russia to help his country become more in line with European standards. Being entirely accepted as a member of the European Union is a giant goal of this colossal country.
There are some significant economic interests, of course, but it is more a problem of pride. The Green Factor believes that Russia will go far in the negotiations with the United States to achieve a dream that dates back centuries. However, we acknowledge that Russia will always be an economic competitor with the United States, but it will be a friendly, fair, and balanced competition with future pragmatic negotiations. America needs just to get real with Russia.

The Green Factor

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