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The Makings of a Communist Cuba, the Real Story

The central theme of this work is to emphasize the importance of protecting the sovereign liberty of people and the security of our leaders, no matter their size. One mistake can result in altering a nation’s history. In Cuba, we see the plight of Fidel Castro, a graduate of the Catholic Jesuit Academy, “Colegio de Belen,” located in Havana. Fidel was also a member of the Cuban Orthodox Party in his political beginnings. He then became associated with the Marxist-Leninist doctrines and promoted them widely.
The Green Orbit team was fortunate to speak with one of Fidel’s earliest bodyguards and others who asked that to be quoted anonymously (One repeated this four separate times). These individuals recalled Castro’s and his followers fighting corruption and poverty in the countryside. Many of them were present during Fulgencio Batista’s reign. They fought against the dire poverty that the Cuban peasants endured. Castro initially desired to establish a modern social democracy based on Marti’s Principles and place values set forth by his Jesuit teachings.
Early in his campaign, one event occurred, a bomb with the lettering “Made in the USA” was found near Fidel’s war camp. It never exploded but shaped Fidel’s anti-American sentiment going forward. The people that placed the bomb were never identified. But quietly believe, it was Russia’s plan to get an allied 90 miles from United States. Later, in 1960, Fidel visited the United Nations in New York City. While there, he stayed in the Teresa Hotel in the neighborhood of the city called Harlem. Cuban security made a great mistake by allowing the Prime Minister of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, to meet Fidel in a private room with only a single translator. Fidel’s bodyguard told us that the Cuban leader looked very serious with almost tears in his eyes after the meeting. He said to them,” neither Kennedy nor Khrushchev wants to give us options.” “The world is run by two ASS……”, then in 1961, Fidel declared the Cuban Revolution took the course of the Leninist-Marxist. Kennedy was considered a failure. Khrushchev was removed from office as the Prime Minister of the Soviet Union while still alive.

But how Communism got to Cuba

It is important to surround leaders with pragmatic, peaceful and of high humanistic principles. Che Guevara brought Cuba the Marxist-Leninists doctrines and with them their horrible intimidating games. Indeed, young Guevara, who Fidel met in Mexico, had other big plans in mind and stole the steering wheel of Marti’s Revolution. Before meeting Fidel, Che Guevara was forced to leave Guatemala for being on the list of “dangerous Communists” working for Russia and fled to Mexico. After coming to power of Fidel Castro, “Che” was the main initiator of repression. In Santiago de Cuba on 12 January 1959, he gave a demonstrative punishment to 72 police officers, showing: so will all who served the old regime. By order of the commander, without trial in the fortress-prison of La Cabana were executed more than eight thousand people, he led 700 executions personally.
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