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… (You’ll find me)…

Title: ... (You'll find me)...

  • In the unfortunate silence of a farewell,
  • who shouts his wails on the lap of a custom where the sad look of dark nights,
  • in that perfect past where he breathes an incomplete story of two souls
  • to fight the survive the runtime of oblivion,
  • you'll find me.

  • In the rain-induced sound that falls hitting the stained-glass windows that
  • resave the memories of a yesterday longed
  • where you feel the nostalgia in your walk on dried leaves,
  • who provoke the unmistakable melody of passion,
  • you'll find me.

  • In the untouchable shadow that protects your body from hands
  • thirsting for deception,
  • in the infinite truth that breaks the walls of a hidden lie,
  • making crimes committed to evil confess,
  • you'll find me.

  • In an ancient footprint that will remain forever tattooed at the destination
  • a far but safe way,
  • in the forbidden essence of a silhouette dancing in the reflection
  • of the mystical moon,
  • you'll find me.

  • In death he ironically announces his arrival under the speech
  • conformist of eternal rest,
  • in the life that engenders existence,
  • and proclaims in the tremola inertia of the wind the voices of loving in freedom,
  • you'll find me...

(Socas.I)... (The Knight of the Moon). May 2020 D.RA Miami-USA.

Author: Ivan Socas
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