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Social Justice is not about gender; it’s Justice for all; by Norbert Govin

Social Justice is the relationship between the balance between individuals and society measured by how wealth, personal freedoms, opportunities, and privileges are distributed. It’s fair treatment for all people without exclusions. Some injustices have a global character, such as poverty and the lack of opportunity for African-Americans, and even more importantly, the millions of poor children in Africa fighting day by day to survive. In women’s case, injustices have a local character, or a rather individual character, because many are merely struggling to attain political and social power. Some white men are victims of abuse of power and corruption, as women are. Women fight breast cancer, but what about prostate diseases that many men have to confront. The Social Democratic Union of Cuba is an organization committed to Social Justice, mainly supporting the fight against human rights violations faced by male and female workers.

Norbert Govin, MSc, MBA, PMP, Veterans & Diversity Advocate

General Secretary of the Cuban Social Democratic Union

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