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Conquer your family with faith and love

Did you know that our attitudes are contagious? If you are a kind person, who greets, gives thanks, expresses love, and support others, your spouse and children will end up assuming these patterns of behavior. From there, the influence will continue until you hook all your circle of influence. Scientific foundations and modern psychology, claims that our negative attitudes also affect those around us, starting with the people who share the home with us. The decision of what kind of influence and attitudes to strength in our family life is nothing more than yours. Tell your spouse and children of joy, faith, trust, love, understanding, tolerance, and the values that cheer our lives in all orders. In this regard, the international author and speaker, Norman Vincent Peale, wrote: – “Many are already there, and have discovered that spiritual enthusiasm adds to the true vitality of life. One reason for this new way of thinking that has invaded the entire nation is that we are immersed in a real revolution, which must bring enormous benefits of freedom, hope, and well-being to millions who, unfortunately, came to think that all they could know was the negative and disheartened world to which I had accustomed him for so long.” (Norman Vincent Peale. “Towards success by enthusiasm”) The Apostle Paul wrote: “Always be joyful. Pray incessantly. Give thanks in everything, for this is God’s will to you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). Take a closer look at the text. It clarifies that being people of faith with a positive attitude depends not on God but on us. It is a process in which we must take an active part, dispose of our hearts, let the Lord bring in his hands all that robs us of inner peace. Today is the day to decide, to be happy, with God’s help. God bless you abundantly. .

God bless you abundantly.

Pastor Raul Castro Fraguela

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