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Finding an Angle

Business & Enterprise

Swedish plant produces sponge iron using hydrogen

Sponge Iron Sponge iron is a form of iron produced directly from iron ore through a reduction process. In contrast, pig iron is a form of iron that we can produce by melting iron ore, charcoal, and limestone under very high pressure. A pioneering green steelmaking plant in Sweden has

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Social News

Pope Francis demands solidarity with refugees

Pope Francis on Sunday called to open our hearts to refugees and make their sadness and happiness our own. In a comment after Sunday’s Angelus prayer, the Holy Pontiff recalled that today is World Refugee Day, a date promoted by the United Nations and this year’s motto is ‘Together we

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How can you help save the planet? Go Vegan

What Does it Mean to Be a Vegan? A vegan is a vegetarian who does not eat any animal products, not even fish, eggs, or milk. Vegan diets are based on grains and other seeds, legumes (particularly beans), fruits, vegetables, edible mushrooms, and nuts. Meat analogues (mock meats) based on

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Green Education

Sustainable Development an overview

What Is Sustainability? Sustainability can be defined as the practice of maintaining world processes of productivity indefinitely-natural or human-made-by replacing resources used with resources of equal or greater value without degrading or endangering natural biotic systems. The concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social—also known

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Escazú Agreement, Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice The Regional Agreement on Access to Information, Public Participation and Justice in Environmental Matters in Latin America and the Caribbean, better known as the Escazú Agreement (Spanish: Acuerdo de Escazú), is an international treaty signed by 24 Latin American and Caribbean nations concerning the rights of access to

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Climate Change

G7 addresses climate change at UK summit

The Group of Seven (G7) today dedicated the last day of its first face-to-face summit in two years to discuss proposals to curb climate change and promote sustainable development after the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the British government, host of the meeting that began on Friday in a hotel of

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Green Travel

Costa Rica, a country of ‘Pura Vida’

Pura Vida If you ask a Costa Rican how he or she is doing, you will most likely receive ‘a Pura Vida as an answer, the phrase that has become a trademark of this Central American country. Its use is widespread in Costa Rican culture. It is used to say

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